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We're here to help you enjoy your day! Wide variety of pick-up locations around the lake. Two of the best smooth cruising power boats on the lake. We had a fabulous 3 hours with Don. We went cliff jumping and even I had a go 47 year old mum! What a wonderful family memory - thank you so much Don, your boat trip was the highlight of our 20 day holiday. Lake George is beautiful and your boat tour took us to islands we would never have seen. We enjoyed our boat tour the most out of all of our Lake George activities this past week.

Don managed to study the weather radar to get us out on the lake in between the rain. We enjoyed his stories and learned lots about the lake. The kids jumped, tubed, and swam. He knew just where to take us. His boat was awesome and very well kept. He is a Great captain and was great company too. Can't wait to do this again.

Explore 'Battleship Island,' Japan's Decaying Ghost Town - One Strange Rock

Thank you for giving us a family day that will always be remembered! Captain Don was awesome! Family had a blast tubing, cliff jumping, swimming in the coves and sightseeing a side of Lake George we would have never been able to see. Highly recommend! Thanks captain Don!

Ghost Island With Mango And Habanero Pepper

Perfect time on the water. Captain Don was the perfect guide and narrator.

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He was very attentive helping my dad get in and out of the boat and made sure we had a wonderful experience on the lake that he clearly loves so much. Couldn't recommend him more highly. We have a group of 10 girls for a bachelorette party, and Captain Rick made sure we had the best experience.

We were running a little late to our tour since we had trouble getting to the marina from the other side of the lake, so Rick ended up keeping us out on the boat for an extra hour to make sure we made the most of our time! The ghost of Small Point Cottage is said to be rather benign, non-threatening, and playful more than scary, leading visitors to actually want the entity to come out and play. Other haunted bed and breakfasts on Mackinac Island include Bogan Lane, which is haunted by a long haired little girl who purportedly plays the piano and tells guests she wants to go home, as well as the Bailey House, where startled guests experience objects falling off counters, the sound of things sliding about in the attic, and the ghostly figure of a woman who allegedly peeks through windows into bedrooms.

Haunted cottages seem to be a thing on Mackinac Island. Not long after moving into the house Hughey and his wife began to experience a multitude of strange phenomena such as hearing disembodied footsteps or the sound of doors slamming open or shut when no one was there. On one occasion, Hughey claimed that the apparition of a woman only visible from the waist up rushed past him from a closet and out of the window, nearly knocking him down in the process. The hauntings became steadily more intense, with additional sightings of a little girl crying made all over the house and the ominous appearance of shadowy men standing beside beds, as well as personal belongings disappearing and covers suddenly, violently ripped off of beds.

Eventually the shaken Hugheys had had enough and moved away to St. Ignace, Michigan in , but to this day many of these strange phenomena are witnessed by tourists visiting the spot.

Haunted history of Mackinac

One creepy detail to this case is that it is said that a previous owner of the cottage was brutally murdered here in and the murder was never solved. There are countless other haunted locations all over Mackinac Island. The Mission House was built by early settlers in the center of a Christian Mission which aimed to convert the local Native tribes to Christianity. At the time, a tuberculosis epidemic hit the mission, and sick Native children were locked up in the dank depths of the basement because it was thought that the cool, damp air would alleviate their symptoms.

Not surprisingly, many of these children died down there in the dark. In later years the Mission House was converted into state employee housing and residents have long reported that the basement and first floors are heavily infested with the ghosts of young children, whose shadowy forms can be seen enthusiastically running about the halls, playing in the yard, and whose footsteps, giggling and laughing can often be heard, usually at night. There are also numerous instances of objects being knocked over or of alarm clocks suddenly going off on their own.

The children ghosts of Mission House are said to be very non-threatening and friendly.

The haunted tale that keeps Long Island locals out of this lake

One of the creepier haunted places is already sinister from its name; The Drowning Pool. In the s and early s, seven promiscuous women who exchanged sex for money had apparently been luring soldiers and fur traders, married or not, into their houses were accused of being witches. Back in those days, one of the most popular methods for determining if someone was a witch or not was to simply tie rocks to their feet and throw them into water to see if they would float or not. Unfortunately, this was typically a lose-lose situation for the accused. If they sank, they were deemed to be innocent, but often drowned in the process.

If they floated, they were said to be witches and were then promptly hanged. So the seven accused women in this case were thrown into a lagoon on the island between Mission Point and downtown to see if they were witches, and all of them sank and drowned.

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Good news, they were not witches! Bad news, their vengeful spirits apparently haunt the dark waters of the lagoon to this day. It is considered to be one of the scarier and more malevolent places on Mackinac Island, with some people sensing a palpable evil dread here. The list of haunted locations on the island goes on and on. Nearly as creepy as the Drowning Pool is the haunted ruins of a staircase and cave located in some woods on the island, where people have unwittingly photographed blurry figures and felt sudden chills.

The entire North Side of the island is also said to be packed with the ghosts of natives who were massacred by the British during the War of These restless native spirits are often sighted running around through the forest howling, perhaps for revenge on those who killed them. Marquette Park is also said to be haunted, and the story goes that when soldiers made a garden here back in the early colonial days they unearthed around 1, skeletons.

The ghostly activity is so intense that it seems it cannot even be contained by the island, and nearby Bois Balnc Island is also said to be haunted by the entities of two AWOL British soldiers who were captured and slaughtered by natives.

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I have only scratched the surface here, and Mackinac Island sports many, many other ghostly locales as well, enough that it would take many more articles to list them all. Bloody history and Indian burial grounds aside, why is this particular island so hopelessly, thoroughly haunted? What is going on here?

Why are there so damn many ghosts? To many, it is simply that so many died here unjustly and are therefore doomed to remain restless and lost into death, or perhaps choosing to stay around because it is a familiar place for them. Some believe that the reason lies in the amount of tragedy that occurred here, which has saturated the place with enough pain and misery to imprint these events onto its reality. For others, it is merely the spooky old architecture and darkened old-fashioned buildings playing tricks on the imagination, flavored by the stories and legends of ghosts and specters.

Attempts to try and look at the phenomena of the island more scientifically have suggested that the high concentrations of limestone here and the currents of the surrounding water may be having some sort of effect. Whatever the reasons may be, Mackinac Island remains a place with one of the highest concentrations of hauntings, if not the highest, in the world.

Those adventurous spirits looking for a glimpse of the unexplained or the macabre can easily access Mackinac Island by ferry. The recommended time to go is in the summer months, as the winters here become bitterly cold, most of the hotels, shops, restaurants, and other facilities close, and the population drops considerably in this season. Once at the island, it is not hard to find a myriad of ghost tour operations ready to guide you around the haunted places mentioned here and indeed many others.

Paddling to Ghost Island – Random Connections

I spent a few more minutes listening to bird calls until a motorboat disturbed my reverie. I decided it was time to continue my trek. Back at the boat I paddled around the island. I could easily spot the campground from the water. I was surprised at the fall colors already creeping into the trees.

The north side of the island actually looked more interesting, with deep erosion caves. On the west end of the island a large sand spit jutted into lake, and was marked with a hazard buoy now on dry land because of the low lake level. I wanted to explore some more. Knowing how popular it is with boaters, skiers, etc. Plus, I imagined it ringed with lake houses and docks, not the most appealing scenery. This bit of the lake seemed different, though. The east bank is bordered by the Clemson Experimental Forest, and the west bank by more Clemson land.

I turned north, planning to explore as much of the Seneca River as I could. A stiff north headwind blew up waves around me. Upstream a boat with a skier was making wide circles. I briefly wondered if I could make it all the way to Clemson from here. For the record, it would have been an additional 7 miles one way with headwinds.

I dismissed that idea, and decided to head back. Since I had such good winds, I decided to deploy my sail. I used it to get me all the way back to my launch site. I did manage to keep the GoPro going the entire time, so I have a time-lapse.

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