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Evidence from the first official household expenditure survey', EurREH 15 1 Reportages et entretiens , Paris : Messidor pp Poverty, passes and privilege in South Africa. Twentieth Century Popular culture; music; material culture. Tauris pp , il.

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SEPE M, 'Urban history and cultural resources in urban regeneration: a case of creative waterfront renewal', Planning Perspectives 28 4 E altri saggi per una storia dell' agricoltura europea. VIIe s. Directed by Frank Darabont I inner-city Houston brothers. Foxworthy This Time "tron Will" Youth enters mile dog-sled race in 1 9 1 7. DarkStalkers -"J ' -. Highlander R Babylon 5 R pointnian R. Try it free. Get access to this page with a Free Trial.

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Get access to Newspapers. Exclusive licensed content from premium publishers like the Herald and Review Archives through last month Continually updated. Javascript required: We're sorry, but Newspapers. You will need to enable Javascript by changing your browser settings. Learn how to enable it. Cookies required: We're sorry, but Newspapers. Then there was Joe Bodak. In an apartment building on Valentine Avenue in the South Fordham neighborhood, conditions were so bad that the tenants had banded together and declared a rent strike.

Bill Frey, who was responsible for organizing tenants in South Fordham, was pleased that the beleaguered tenants and their talented leader had found a way to survive and fend for themselves. One day Mejias, the tenant leader, called Frey in a panic to tell him that a man who said he was the new landlord was in his apartment.

The Valentine Avenue building had been sold. The system that the tenants had so carefully put in place was in jeopardy. There he confronted the new landlord, a short, middle-aged Polish Jew named Joseph Bodak. A couple of months later Frey was working in his South Fordham office when he received a call. He also appreciated the st ately edifices of the South Bronx and lavished care on their renovation. Eastern Savings Bank has the mortgage on this building. Are you interested? To Frey, it seemed like magic. When the Nazis came to power, Bodak fled to the Soviet Union and during the war served in the Russian army to avoid concentration camps.

After the war, Bodak came to the United States. He arrived in the Bronx in , worked for a time in house construction, then in the South Bronx bought a large cold-water flat and a luncheonette, which he ran for many years. As the Bronx real est ate market sank to the bottom, he bought buildings one at a time. Bodak, Frey discovered, never used a bank to finance his building purchases and improvements. Instead of financing, Joe had relationships.

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  • He cultivated a relationship with the owners of a hardware company and persuaded them to advance him merchandise in return for a share of his building. He did the same with the lumberyards.

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    The landlord ran up several hundred thousand dollars worth of debt from the oil company. He ran his buildings so well that he had no debt other than what he owed the vendors, and he eventually paid them off. The landlord improved the lives of his tenants and their neighbors, but he did more than that. Joe Bodak, in short, helped to push the Bronx toward the tipping point of revival. First and foremost, the local groups needed the help of the government of New York City.

    The city either turned a blind eye to the fate of the inner-city neighborhoods or heedlessly threw money away. The fiscal crisis that brought the government to the brink of bankruptcy offered it an excuse for refusing to provide basic services, let alone find city funds for rebuilding. Yet the city often sent federal monies to politically connected operators such as Ramon Velez whose organization did little if anything to save the Bronx.

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    In the summer of a blackout brought a record fires. Major looting and rioting in the Bronx demanded some response from Mayor Beame, especially since he was locked in a tight and ultimately unsuccessful primary race for reelection. Years after Bronx community leaders first pleaded with the government to help, the city put together an arson suppression unit and, not surprisingly, arson rates immediately dropped.

    When the new director of the West Tremont Neighborhood Preservation Office, Felice Michetti, arrived in , the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition greeted her with a demand that the city close the office. She had grown up and gone to school in the Bronx, where she had many relatives, and as a young planner she had watched with dismay the spreading abandonment and ruin.

    Michetti wanted fervently to help the neighborhoods and sympathized with the quixotic community activists. She dusted off a modest loan program for rehabilit ating buildings and concocted the idea to combine it with bank loans to obt ain a much larger sum. They brought Michetti downtown, where she would help design the Ten Year Plan in which the agency finally collaborated seriously with the community nonprofits.


    The church refused to close its parish churches and schools, no matter how desperate the situation became. Eventually the intermediaries became national organizations, but in the early s no one was cert ain whether or how any of this would work. During the late s and early s, Anita Miller put money into all sorts of endeavors.

    But Miller bet on many horses and several came through in the long run. As he made the rounds to present himself as the new program officer, Manson, a well-scrubbed cheerful sort, received something like a hazing from the old hands in the field. As Manson adjusted to the gloom, he made out an elderly woman and her ment ally retarded adult son st aring blankly at a television and what seemed like hundreds of cats.

    The Banana Kelly director, no doubt smiling inwardly, led the relieved neophyte program officer away to view a recently finished apartment.