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I agree, they didn't add much. They were mostly "Look at my puppy, he's cute! I definitely agree. The photos are either horrible quality or the dog in the photo is poorly bred. Although I am sure they are beloved family pets they don't adequately represent the breed. I have many quality photos of quality golden retriever that could better represent the breed if anyone knows how to change them.

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You can contact me at cowgirl4myking gmail. The Goldens in the show group are generally bigger-boned, longer, and heavier. The champagne color and long flowing coat are highly prized in the show ring. On the other hand, field Goldens tend to be smaller, longer legged, and be a more reddish shade. These two strains derive from champion Goldens from the s. Gold Rush Charlie moved the show Goldens toward their present characteristics, while Holway Barty greatly affected the field group. Contemporary breeders attempt to unite these two strains into the all-purpose Golden Retriever.

Unfortunately, I am no K9 expert, and I would rather have someone with more knowledge put it where it really belongs. Pharaoh, can you please tell me why you have reverted back to having the above quote in the temperament section. It obviously does not belong there. And it would be nice if you justified your reversion. I am going to have to put it back to appearence section, as it seems like that is where it belongs.

Delmet , 31 January UTC. It gets only Google hits. Therefore, deleting from article. If you wish to revert, please justify here. In my opinion, these six images as they currently appear don't seem to be suitable. While first one is a matter of personal opinion, I have legitimate concerns about the other shots.

The second one seems a little too close, and doesn't give more information compared to the 2-month old on the article. Third image seems to place focus on the bandage rather than the retriever. Okay to remove? This is rare. Is it worth mentioning? If your dog's photo is missing, check to make sure it wasn't simply moved.

But if it wasn't moved, I removed it for a good reason; don't put it back, please. I reverted to the original infobox image. I also removed the guide dog photo bc, while it would be nice to have a photo of GRs as guide dogs, the image was stacked see WP:Images and as an overhead shot it was confusing and not clear that it even was a golden.

I moved the presidential image to avoid more image stacking and text conflict as it was rather large.

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Overall I wanted to avoid something discouraged by WP:Images and WP:IUP , which is stacking a whole bunch of images one on top of the other the whole length of the article. It looks awful. Why was my picture of the nine week old golden retriever puppy was taken off AND replaced with a labrador retriever fetching a duck in a lake?

This is ridiculous! Please correct this immediately! Go post it on a Golden Retriever site. I believe there's a pet wiki somewhere out there that would be glad to take it. I'm sorry, but it was taken off for a reason: the new one shows the retriever -ness. Crowstar caws , 27 July UTC. Would anyone mind if I add this image to the main wiki page? It depends on where you want to put it. It's a quality image, and in my opinion would be good somewhere in the body of the article such as the Hisory section.

But a lead image in the infobox should be a neutral portrait that clearly shows all of the subject in a natural stance. The running image doesn't do this like the present one does.

See a Problem?

What if it was added to the Coat and Color section? Seems to be fitting as it is an unusually colored dog and the coat is shown nicely in my opinion. Are Golden Retrievers the top of the list of dogs that don't bite? Bred for their high fowl mandibular delicacy yes, very high on the list Gropo talk , 22 November UTC. I have a Golden, and there are days when we consider having her live in the garage until someone can give her a bath.

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There's a Catch here though-that would be original rsearch, and the fact that a typical, relatively clean Golden frequently gives off the sort of odor where the backyard is checked for decomposing animals that said Golden could have rolled in is not prominently featured in dog books. If anyone knows of a source, either add it to the article, or contact me on my talk page to let me know where I could find said info.

Although goldens are great family pets, these lines seem to paired illogically: "They are great athletes and must be walked daily, or they will become restless and anxious. This makes them an ideal family pet. I saw on TV that Goldens have the 3rd highest bite rate behind the German Shepherd and Chow Chow, and that they should be taught early not to bite. Should we make mention of this? It might be a good idea for anyone who might want a Golden and have children. Yes Because most people thinkthey are perfect and dont need to be trained.

Goldens naturally have a "soft month" Goldens are great with children. Also why do you think Goldens are the choice for service dogs?? I have added a few words on Golden Retriever attacks with a source.

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There is no such thing as a dog with a naturally "soft mouth". This is something modern dog trainers are upset to hear is still believed I used to be a trainer not long ago. You can only train a dog not to bite. This is true for all breeds no matter how big or small. Sure there is soft mouth I am a field trial trainer and have trained or help trained many Goldens for trial, soft mouth is not something that needs to be taught. During the past 20 years, at least 25 breeds of dog have been involved in human fatalities.

Pit-Bull type dogs and Rottweilers were identified as being involved in 66 and 39 fatalities over that year period; however, the remainder of fatalities were caused by other purebreds and crossbreeds" AVMA. I think before it is included in the article better facts should be referenced.

I felt there was, and still is room for this article to grow stronger neutrality because it suggests absolutely no training needs to be done to get some sort of magical perfect dog, which there is no such thing as. It is that sort of fallacy that puts not a small percentage of animals in shelters by people who didn't know what to expect when they let them into their homes.

I also feel like it is unnecessary to use the phrase "eagerness to please" three times throughout the article.