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Your tastes may have evolved past the candy-coloured board games of childhood and now you'd probably like a more grown-up reason to roll the dice.

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Or maybe you're perfectly happy playing board games that appeal to the kid in you. Either way, board game cafes around the city have you covered with a host of games to enjoy whatever your mood — they make great date spots too. Have you ever wanted to fly a jet of your own? Maybe it wasn't quite your calling as an adult, but that childhood dream doesn't have to die because your life took a different turn.

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The best part about playing with Legos as an adult is that you can finally do it with a beer in hand. While this might not have been something your childhood-self had dreamed of, your adult-self will appreciate this little alteration to the plan.

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Click here to buy Adult Night Tickets to Legoland. While the former video game haunts are now clothing stores and pizza places, those arcade machines had to go somewhere, and that somewhere happens to be a couple of bars scattered through the city.

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Even if some of the machines are older than you are do you remember playing Gauntlet at an arcade? Get Well and Nightowl both feature some swanky arcade machines you can enjoy. Sky Zone lets you literally bounce off the walls with trampoline dodgeball, basketball, aerobics and a giant foam pit you can jump into. You can also opt to bounce on the trampolines solo in its enormous space, or if you have little ones of your own, there are special toddler hours in the morning.

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The recess bell doesn't sound at this gym, giving you enough time to reach your fitness goals with fun playground equipment instead of the boring machines you'll find at other gyms. Although you might not be the tireless play machine you once were, maybe you can summon enough energy to get a little closer to your svelte younger self. Calvin A. Colarusso, M. Surviving Adolescence.

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Buy Kindle ebook. Playtime for Grown Ups by Calvin A. But did you ever think that an adult, an adult and child psychiatrist no less, would tell YOU, the adult, to go out and play?

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Well, Dr. Colarusso is doing just that. In this book he explains both the nature of play and the dynamics which make play such an essential part of human experience throughout the life cycle.

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The message is get off that coach, get out of that rocking chair, and go and play. Adults need to play, maybe not as much as children do, but for the same reasons. Play is a way of mastering stress and trauma. It serves the same purpose for children and adults. Ezra Donnelan, 22, told The New York Times he and his teammate recalled being questioned over their suspicious behavior.

The players explained the game to the officers and were left alone. He was not impressed. Botfighters, a game played by tens of thousands of Scandinavians, involves each player having a virtual robot identity and killing other players through text messages. Street Wars has also gone international. David Styles, a London player, told U.