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He wears a black collar with silver studs. His stand, The Fool, is a mechanical being that is able to manipulate sand and dust. All Dogs Go to Heaven. She was voiced by Bridget Fonda in the first movie, and Jodi Benson in the two sequels. A black and white dog from the silent era of British animation. Jerry is aware that he is a cartoon creation and interacts with his animator. Alps no Shoujo Heidi.

He is an original supporting character exclusively created for the series, and does not appear in Johanna Spyri 's story on which it is based. A white Labrador retriever, formerly Superman's pet on Krypton before it was destroyed. He has all of the powers of Superman , though some are heightened due to being a dog, such as his super hearing and sense of smell. Krypto also shares Superman's moral values and feelings, which has been used as a weakness against him in some cases. Gru's ferocious, black, grey-eyed pet dog of an unknown species, which has the personality of a bulldog and the fang-like teeth of a piranha.

At first, Kyle won't hesitate to take a bite of anything that looks food to him, also hates to be hugged by Agnes. Along with Gru, Kyle warms up over the course of the film; at the end, Kyle ends up not minding about sleeping with the girls, especially Agnes. The Hills' fourteen-year-old purebred Bloodhound. Her companionship temporarily relieved Hank's stress and narrow urethra , allowing him to impregnate Peggy. One of the Care Bear Cousins. He has blue fur with a white heart-shaped patch over one eye, and his tummy symbol is a red heart-shaped medal.

Lucky is the leader of the Shelter 17 Pound Puppies unit. He is the main character of the series. His job is to find homes for stray dogs. He secretly loves Cookie, a Boxer mix. Marc Antony is a burly bulldog that is usually brown with a tan belly and black ears, though his coloration varies in few shorts. Mostly he provides love and protection for the little kitten Pussyfoot but is an opponent in Go Fly a Kit.

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The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. Chiyo Mihama 's Great Pyrenees. Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. A pet of Firestar. Muttley is described as a mixed breed dog, identified in the Wacky Races segment "Dash to Delaware" as a mix of bloodhound, pointer, Airedale, and hunting dog; best known for his distinctive snickering laugh, he is owned by accident-prone villain Dick Dastardly.

Firefighting pup that also covers emergency medical treatment. He is well known by his clumsy character. I had a smile on my face throughout the entire film. It's not perfect. Takes a bit too long to get to the 'Magic' part- could have spent more time searching for it, but overall the movie has believable dialogue and is full of Family heart. I really enjoyed it! Great to see C. Thomas Howell in such a likable role.

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Everyone did a good job here and took the high road to the end. Any other movie might have devolved into stereotypes. Good Family Christmas Movie! Start your free trial. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates.


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Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Not only can he not provide his family with the finer things, he has also found he Director: R. Michael Givens. It makes a real difference to someones life! Thank you. Thanks Tracey.

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It makes all the hard work that goes into the raising and training of these dogs worthwhile. We also talked about how our presence each year during appeal week helps raise awareness of the organization and its invaluable work. Of course, our dedicated team do a lot of work during the year too, to spread the word and raise awareness of the help that these carefully bred and wonderfully trained dogs can give to people in need.

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