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It was pretty simple, we helped to set the 2 shows for them in Prague, because we all think this is one of the most amazing bands EVER. And they have a couple oh free hours during the day in Prague, so we managed the studio pretty quickly and recorded their tune, which is I think excellent.

And Gnu just put their tune on the other side of this 7". I was very curious about the Manara's drawning on the homepage of your website?! We are all big fans of Manara, what can I say more? We love music, hockey, Manara, beer and lots of weird stuff.

We just wanted to make fun of all those hard-nosed hardcore labels who take them too seriously. C an you talk about the history of the czech musical scene. It was the same evolution than the international music scene with the punk scene at the end of the seventies then the hardcore scene, new wave etc Only few people knew that there were some independent music or some evolution in the music generally speaking.

The Dweezils - Gnu-Knew [Take 2]

But there were some great Czech bands anyway. I think OTK is simply sensational, excellent band I think Czech and France independent music scene have a lot in common. I feel that, in spite of the american musical influence, the Czech rep.

Dosbarth J5

What do you think? Yes, I have already answered higher. But sometimes people in Czech Rep. But it will change sometimes. Is it easy to release records, to make shows, tours etc in Czech rep.?

Flanders & Swan The Gnu Song LETRA

Maybe even better, beacuse people in Czech Rep. Are there many labels in Czech rep?

And I must say that there is a very good level of cooperation. The greatest Czech band ever. Totally original.

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Mind-blowing, great lyrics, everything. They lived what they sang about.

Flanders & Swann - The gnu song lyrics

I have never seen something so authentic until Esgmeq came What do you mean by "I have never seen something so authentic until Esgmeq came No bullshit. The music keeps them alive. I alway must laugh, when I hear bands like The Hives I always laugh and think about Esgmeq. What are your projects now? We have 4 more new songs, and I think that they sound very good. I love making music. Lyssa Esgmeq OTK.

G-nor am I in the least, Like that dreadful hartebeest, Oh, g-no, g-no, g-no G-know, g-know, g-know, I'm a g-nu G-know, g-know, g-know, I'm a g-nu! Long applause Flanders: That's very g-nice of you. Ocena 0 glasova :. Privatnost Pravila i uslovi Android Kontakt. Tekstovi pesama su u vlasnistvu njihovih autora i prikazani su iskljucivo u edukativne svrhe. Sajt ne sadrzi mp3 pesme za download. Dodajte Tekst. X Sajt koristi kolacice cookies koji ne sadrze licne podatke.

Flanders and Swann Lyrics

Flanders: A year ago, last Thursday, I was strolling in the zoo, When I met a man who thought he knew the lot. He was laying down the law about the habits of baboons, And the number of quills a porcupine has got. So I asked him, "What's that creature there? He answered, "Oh, it's a h-elk".

Flanders & Swann "The Gnu" Sheet Music in Eb Major - Download & Print - SKU: MN

I might have gone on thinking that was true. If the animal in question hadn't put that chap to shame, And remarked, "I h-ain't a h-elk. I'm a g-nu". I'm a g-nu, How do you do?