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Arrival at Saturn.

The spacecraft was about 73, kilometers 45, miles away from the moon's surface. Image Cre Hyperion in Shadow.

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Specially designed Cassini orbits place Earth and Cassini on opposite sides of Saturn's rings, a geometry known as occultation. Cassini conducted the first radio occultation observation of Saturn's Waves and Small Particles in Ring A. The image shows a level of detail not seen previously. This Rhea's Fractured Terrain in 3-D.

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This view of Titan reveals structure in the moon's complex atmosphere. The geometry of the Cassini spacecraft's view of Titan during this flyby was similar to that of Voyager 1's pass in Titanic Complexity. Southern Atmosphere Detail. Saturn's moon Pan, orbiting in the Encke Gap, casts a slender shadow onto the A ring. For a closeup view of the "flying saucer" shape of Pan 28 kilometers, or 17 miles across , see Saturn's Sauce Shadow of Saucer-Shaped Moon.

Dawn on Saturn is greeted across the vastness of interplanetary space by the morning star, Venus, in this image from NASA's Cassini spacecraft. Venus appears just off the edge of the planet, in the Morning Star. NASA's Dawn spacecraft shows the central area of the south polar basin. Contorted clouds wriggle across high northern latitudes in this exquisitely detailed close-up of Saturn's atmosphere.

Two immense storms swirl at right, each easily 2, kilometers 1, miles a Writhing Windforms. Fracture Network in Occator Crater. This visual and infrared mapping spectrometer image of Saturn's moon Enceladus in the 2 micron-wavelength shows the dark cracks at the south pole dubbed "tiger stripes" for their distinct stripe Tiger Stripes are Cubs.

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Prometheus -- lit partly by direct sunlight and partly by saturnshine -- pulls at material in the inner portion of the F ring. Saturnshine is sunlight reflected by the Ringed Planet, which often br Pulling Away. This image, taken by NASA's Dawn spacecraft, shows the surface of dwarf planet Ceres from an altitude of miles 1, kilometers.

The image was taken on August 22, , and has a resolution o Dione's defining feature, the fractures on its trailing side, shine brilliantly in this Cassini spacecraft view. The view was acquired from a position 33 degrees south of the moon's equator. Lit t Bright Canyons. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Dec 08, Bryan rated it liked it Shelves: ebooks , mystery , sf.

A mystery in the classic sense, the twist this time is in the rich setting. Imagine a North America in which the European explorers did not cause the downfall of the Aztec Empire. Bring that into modern times, and the massive empire encompasses the entire continent, all united into one culture.

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While alternate history is definitely science fiction, this reads like a standard mystery, and the strange customs and names made this feel perhaps like a light fantasy. The reader is never sure what may h A mystery in the classic sense, the twist this time is in the rich setting. The reader is never sure what may happen next, mainly because of the uncertainty of just how different this culture might turn out to be. In the end, I was dissatisfied with the amount of information that the protagonist held that wasn't shared with us. The fun in a good mystery is in guessing, so I felt a little cheated when it was revealed that a few cards had been held back.

When the ultimate confrontation finally takes place, the detective knows more than the reader, with a few final clues that are only revealed at that point. Overall, this is a quick read, as it's a short book, and the setting is very satisfying. I'll be moving on to the sequel and hope that more mysteries appear in this series. Feb 27, Rahadyan rated it really liked it. I love the setting of Aztlan: The Last Sun , a 21st century city in an alternate continuum where Cortes and his forces were beaten back by the North American indigenes in The Last Sun is the first of a series of police procedurals set in this continuum, focusing on the work of the Investigator Maxtla Colhua.

I could easily see Esai Morales playing I love the setting of Aztlan: The Last Sun , a 21st century city in an alternate continuum where Cortes and his forces were beaten back by the North American indigenes in I'll admit I guessed as to the identity of the villain early on, but I wondered about the motivations until they were revealed.

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A fun, often moving story. I look forward to reading more in this series. Feb 18, Joe rated it really liked it.

What a fun book. And the best part, a cool detective story. Boorish coworkers and a ticking clock.

A few good fight scenes, interesting suspects and hot babes. The backdrop of Aztec 20thst century is what drew me in. The writing is what kept me reading.

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Do yourself a favor and check this out. Patrick rated it really liked it Nov 15, Lorraine J. Anderson rated it it was amazing Jan 08, Louise rated it liked it Sep 27, Ariel rated it it was amazing May 14, Kat rated it it was amazing Oct 10, Donna Barney rated it really liked it Feb 05, Roberto rated it it was ok Mar 27, Eloise rated it really liked it Dec 13, Beau Logsdon rated it it was amazing Oct 03, Craig rated it liked it Feb 23, Dave Olsher marked it as to-read Oct 02, Deanna Stanley added it Nov 13,