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You will need to wear appropriate clothing for outdoor activities in the current weather and be sure to wear closed-toe shoes. Most trolleys have two tethers for extra safety. Make sure to learn these instructions to pass the required demo zipline test and operate the zipline trolley properly.

An Adventure with the Apaches (1900)

With the right safety equipment and effective lessons, you can ensure an exciting and safe ziplining adventure. Make sure to make your reservations in advance by calling Before embarking on your adrenaline-pumping ziplining adventure, you should know some information about the terrain. The zipline area, which extends up to 8, feet, is full of steep hills, paths full of twists and turns, and a large range of trees that extends throughout the area.

A gondola and an ATV service will assist you going up the steep hills and astounding heights of up to 11, feet.

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During the winter, you can see powder-white snow blanket the Sierra Blanca Mountains, a sight that is rare in a dry, warm climate. Book a ticket for your ziplining adventure today. Advanced reservation required. Are you looking for the best hiking trails in southern New Mexico? The adventure professionals here at Ski Apache know the best places you can explore during the summer months. Here are some of our picks for the best hiking trails in southern New Mexico.

This breathtaking path in the heart of southern New Mexico provides a degree view of the natural areas around Ski Apache. A short jaunt for those looking for a leisurely stroll, Lookout Trail is only a quarter-mile long and provides great views from the gazebo on Ski Apache. Plan for a 10 to minute journey to the lookout when you embark on this hike and make sure to bring water and weather-appropriate gear for your trip.

If you want a more scenic trail that is full of incredible history, check out the Boca Negra Canyon Trail in the Petroglyph National Monument. It is heavily trafficked and is perfect for hikers of all skill levels. You can see beautiful New Mexican wildflowers and exciting bird species on your hike. This path is an all-day hike from the top of Ski Apache to the bottom or vice-versa. It is also perfect for hiking around the Mescalero Reservation. The length of the trail is approximately 2. The Sierra Blanca Trail also offers an elevation gain of 1, feet.

The length of the trail is 4.


The Piedra-Lisa South Trail is dog-friendly in case you want to bring your furry friends along and offers an elevation gain of 1, feet. For another hike perfect for the adventurer in your life, choose Crest Trail.

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This all-day hike takes place from the bottom of Ski Apache to the top, or vice versa depending on your preferences. The trail offers an elevation gain of 1, feet and is approximately 3 miles long. Make sure to have enough water and gear for this hike. Most importantly, remember not to go into the White Mountain Wilderness Area off the Crest Trail unless you are properly prepared!

With these five spots, you can plan everything from family day trips near Roswell to hiking around the breathtaking Mescalero reservation. Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Visit Ski Apache today to experience the best hiking, biking, and more in the state of New Mexico! Ski trips offer adventure in the great outdoors with a healthy dose of physical activity. Yet, it takes a bit of preparation, practice, and technique to become a seasoned skier. So, ready to hit the slopes?

This way you can have full mobility and more control while skiing downhill. The first step is to layer up to stay warm. Choose a windbreaker material that also protects you from extreme temperatures. Thermals with sweat-wicking technology also help when exerting yourself on the slopes. Gloves, socks, and goggles are also must-have gear. As well as boots and a helmet. This allows you to test out the equipment first. Professional ski instruction is one of the most important tips for first time skiing. This can be especially helpful when you are going with a group of seasoned skiers.

As you can learn from a trained expert, who also has the time and attention to teach you. These are also a good opportunity to meet other skiers on your same learning level. Lessons can offer hands-on practice for learning the right techniques. You also get to go over safety instructions to reduce the risk of falling. As skiing is a full body workout that needs endurance. Take some time before the trip to work on conditioning exercises. The more in shape you are, the easier it will be to master the techniques.

Cardio is a great exercise to prepare you for a weekend of skiing. You should also place focus on strengthening your leg muscles. So, skiing for beginners can take a lot of energy and endurance. This makes it important to stay hydrated and fill up on foods with sustenance.

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Choose snacks that provide you with energy and are high in protein and fiber. Nuts, granola bars, and fruit are smart choices for skiers. These can alert you of any last minute closings or weather issues. You can also see how much snow is on the mountain and check the current forecast. These often go from green to black, with green being the easiest.

This can be dangerous as you could get lost or injured. Always travel with another more experienced skier or an instructor. Be sure to always follow the trail guidelines and boundaries. You also want to practice looking in all directions and being cautious of other skiers. As a novice skier, select trails made for your difficulty level. You may likely fall down your first few times. So practice easy ways of getting back up again. A slow standing squat is helpful for this. Skiing is both an exciting and exhausting activity. So be sure to take time at the end of the day to relax and recharge yourself.

Do this by taking advantage of other amenities that the ski lodge offers. Hot tubs are the perfect after ski activity for soaking sore muscles. A cozy fireplace and glass of wine are also great for relaxing after a day on the slopes. Or you can enjoy a local restaurant for a mid-day lunch or dinner date.

It also helps to choose a ski resort with comfortable and convenient lodging. This way you can get an early start to your day of skiing and beat the crowds.